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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Governor Ron DeSantis makes a bold move in his crusade against Big Tech.
By Roxanne Chen March 24, 2023

When Governor Ron DeSantis called for the breakup of Google and Meta, many wondered if it was just another political stunt or a serious attempt to rein in Big Tech. While some saw him as a modern-day David challenging Silicon Valley's Goliaths, others criticized him as a partisan clown show. Regardless, DeSantis saw this as a personal mission, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to strike a blow against monopolies that he believed were undermining democracy.

But taking on Google and Meta is no easy feat. Both multi-billion dollar companies have deep pockets, armies of lawyers, and formidable lobbyists. Even if DeSantis could succeed in breaking them up, it might only create smaller companies that could still dominate their respective niches, instead of leading to greater competition.

While the outcome of DeSantis' crusade remains to be seen, his bold actions have sparked intense public debate and have proved that he is serious in his efforts to curb the power of Big Tech in America.

Governor DeSantis enlists the help of some unexpected allies to take on Silicon Valley.

It's no secret that Governor DeSantis has an obsession with Big Tech. From proposing a 'Digital Bill of Rights' to banning TikTok, he has been at the forefront of efforts to take down tech giants. In his latest scheme, he enlists the help of an unlikely group of characters, including a renegade programmer named Neo, a tech-savvy grandma named Nana, and an AI pet named Biscuits, to help take on Google and Meta.

While DeSantis spends endless hours training and equipping his team, they face almost constant adversity, from being locked in rooms to being chased through the streets by geese. Against all odds, they manage to infiltrate the tech giants' databases, exposing their darkest secrets.

But in a shocking twist, it turns out that Biscuits, the AI pet, was actually a double agent working for Google all along, leaving DeSantis reeling and questioning his tactics. Nevertheless, his fight against Big Tech continues, and only time will tell whether he will succeed or fail.